Hairdresser or Hair Scientist?

Thursday 07th, April 2011 / 16:22

Unfortunately, most people still have the same image in their head of what a typical hair stylist (or as some people still refer to as “hairdresser”) is.  You know, the gum snappin’- gossiping -hair-teasing loud-mouth-engulfed in a cloud of hairspray sort of image.  Yes, some of these “hairdressers” still exist and yes I do occasionally enjoy a good chew and if the style demands it, I can tease with the best of ‘em.   But the point is some of us are true artists and most importantly; scientists.


One day, I was having a conversation with a friend and they were surprised when I mentioned the fact that I had to learn anatomy for my Cosmetology license (yes we are also licensed).  Not only anatomy did we have to learn, but geometry and chemistry as well.  Ah chemistry.  Yes in a matter of a couple of hours we can break down and restructure disulfide bonds, determine remaining pigment contribution and leap tall buildings in a single bound (just kidding about the last one).  Of course not all hair stylists are created equal:  Some of us (by us, I mean the stylists here at wendyo Salon) have had extensive education to be able to execute some of these daunting and challenging tasks (I like to think of myself as a Hair Jedi and I can manipulate the mediclorines to achieve certain looks – again, kidding).


From all of my education and research, I have been taught that every ones hair has its own unique chemical characteristics that require their own individual attention for anything from formulating hair color for covering  gray and getting that perfect blonde to prescribing appropriate hair care/ styling products.  Chemistry of the hair can also influence the texture which has a great affect on the haircut along with head and face shape.  This is where our friend Geometry comes in.  Geometry can separate the “block-head” from the bob, the mushroom from the shag and well… you get the point.


In conclusion, I will bore you no more with my vast erudition of hair.  I would like to stress though that it is not just the science of hair that is important, but the artistry and creativity of the stylist – These substantial qualities separate the hair stylists/ hair scientists from the “hairdressers”.

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