I’ve Made The Big Time!

Friday 18th, November 2011 / 15:09

Well, it’s official: I’ve made it Ma… I got my first bad review!  Hopefully, this will be the only. But I’m afraid that the longer that I’m in business, there may be more and as my very wise sister said, “You can’t please everybody.”

Let me just start off by saying it is ALL COMPLETELY UNTRUE!  Without going into detail, I know for a fact that we did everything we could and always do for a wonderful service and experience.  I think it was a matter of someone (reviewer) just having a bad day even before they walked into my humble establishment.  I decided to make this a learning experience…I decided to make lemonade…

The first thing I did was read the many good reviews and take delight in the number of positive responses.  When I was done patting myself on the back, I met with my staff to share this disturbing discovery and re-evaluate (Those who are close to me say I “over think” things and “obsess”- silly, huh?).  This input will motivate us to perfect the details involved in excellent customer service.  Now we can move on.

For the reviewer: Maybe you were having a bad day, maybe there is just no pleasing you or maybe you were having an “imbalance”.  I just want to let you know that I am a single mother who grew up having to work instead of going to college with the dream of being a great success and to comfortably provide for my family.  I am a consumer as well, and have had less than perfect service at some businesses.  When this happens, I take into consideration that this is someone’s livelihood and a bad review is bad for business.  I will just never patronize that establishment again and that business will not be at the top of my recommendation list.  Of course all bets are off if you directly insult me or my family (It’s the Sicilian in me) or you physically assault me (duh?).

So my advice for other small businesses is to not ignore these comments, they are from our customers – the actual people we provide service to.   Think of these situations as opportunities to grow and re-focus.  Then move on.

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