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Thursday 26th, January 2012 / 10:27

     The other day I had the honor of being asked to do a motivational talk and be on the advisory board at Minuteman Tech. My Cosmetology teacher, who is now the head of the department, contacted me because I am one of their “success stories”. My “success” was helped immensely by the education and preparation that I had at Minuteman Tech and I accepted the position without hesitation.
      A lot of parents are convinced especially in this highly competitive community that college is the only option for students after high school. They are sorely mistaken. Don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and I tell my son that every day when I drop him off at school. But some parents don’t see that their child is incredibly creative and has a passion for something that may not require a degree. And isn’t an example of being successful is doing something that you love to do?
      Yes, I know we are the parents. Yes, I know we know what’s best. But let’s be realistic; one day these children will be a young man or woman working at a computer or in a lab a realize that “Hey, what am I doing here? This is not my passion!” So I beg of you parents, listen to your kids and nurture that direction that they want to go in. A school like Minuteman Tech is a wonderful opportunity to let them grow, be creative and help them on their career path. Not all of our children are going to want to be doctors and teachers; some may actually want to be (gasp! The horror!) business people and entrepreneurs. I am grateful to have a family that supported my career decisions.
      I look back at the years I spent at Minuteman with great fondness and satisfaction. I am thrilled to find out that they are proud of me, because I sure am proud of them.

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