Rx For Summer Hair

Tuesday 04th, June 2013 / 10:03
Rx For Summer Hair

Even Marilyn had to protect her lovely locks from summer stress.



I know, I know, I sound like a broken record or even my son’s pediatrician telling him to wear a helmet when he rides his bike (In which he does like a good doobie) whenever I tell my clients to wear a hat during outdoor summer activities to prevent sun damage/color lightening.  But few do,  so I say “hello” to our new blonde highlights and opt for appropriate at-home care.  Such as using shampoo and conditioner with UV protectants like the Joico Color Endure line.  Also, like when we amp up the moisture in the winter, we should commence reconstruction rituals (Joico Kpac Reconstructing Treatment) while we chant our  frizzy hair mantra “more product less touching, more product less touching…” That being said, I think we know our true enemy of the summer: Chlorine…

Chlorine, that bleaching chemical found in most pools, can build up in the hair and cause that lovely green cast. We offer in-salon chelating treatments and green-neutralizing formulas to aid in this issue.  I have a theory that the hair is like a sponge, and if you wet your hair with tap water  before you go into a pool, the hair won’t have the capacity to absorb the chlorinated water  (clever, huh?).  Also, if you liberally apply gel or conditioner to your hair before swimming, this will act as a barrier against chemically treated water.

Paul Mitchell has two wonderful products to add to your defense against the swimmers hair:

Shampoo Three- The deep clarifying treatment shampoo that removes chlorine build-up.

The Conditioner- The leave in conditioner that absorbs into the hair shaft (almost invisible to that lifeguard giving you the stink-eye for having tons of product in your hair when you enter their pool) and creates a protective coating for the hair.

Now, you can go for “The Trifecta” for swimmers hair:

–          Wet hair

–          Apply gel/ conditioner liberally

–          Rinse thoroughly/ shampoo with prescribed product after swimming

Then call me in the morning.

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