What is a “Capsule Wardrobe”? (and why you need one for your hair and your wish list this holiday season!)

Tuesday 10th, November 2015 / 10:44

 It has come to my attention that there is such a thing as a “Capsule Wardrobe”. Google it, or find it on Pinterest. It is a handy tool for paring down what one wears each season to a few “quality” pieces. So I think to myself-“Why not use this in other areas of my life?” What better area to start with than one I know very well-hair! Below is a list of  some go-to products (for women AND men). We need all of these in our hair “wardrobe”. No, you do not need to use every product every day, but these are items we ALL need on hand (and hair).

    1) Shampoo and Conditioner-This is a given.  Everyone’s needs are different. Ask your stylist what is right for you.
   2) Weekly protein re-constructor and weekly moisture treatment/mask. I suggest the protein in warmer months to improve elasticity, and the moisture in cooler months, when the air is naturally dryer, and we all have our heaters on.
   3) A clarifying shampoo or treatment. Depending on the treatment and condition of your hair, this can we used daily or weekly. This is needed to remove product buildup from hair and scalp, chlorine, medication residue, and hard water deposits-all of which can alter your hair’s color and texture.
   4) Argon oil. I don’t know what we ever did without this product! For ALL people and ALL hair. Adds shine, detangles, reduces drying time, controls static.
   5) Gel and/or mousse. Again, everyone’s hair is different-ask your stylist what is right for you. You may not need either-which brings us to….
   6) Volumizer. Even the thickest and most voluminous hair needs a boost sometimes. Guys-this is good for faking fullness. These can be found in gel, mousse, lotion, cream, and spray form.
   7) Curl definers/enhancers. Don’t be a victim of unwanted frizz. Straight hair, you say? You can use these too. It adds definition, texture and hold to curling iron sets on those special occasions. Also, it’s great for those bed-head and beachy looks. These can be found in cream, lotion, mousse and spray form.
   8) Hairspray (pump). This is what I will refer to as a “working spray”. When you want some hold while you are still styling, or a light flexible hold when your look is complete.
   9) Hairspray (aerosol). When you want to hold that finished style for as long as humanly possible without it budging!
   10) Wax/molding paste. Spikes, bed-head, slicked-back, scrunchy curls, texture, static control, hold-this just about does it all. Not just for short hair anymore! Product never completely dries, so a little goes a long way! The difference between the two? Wax tends to be shiny, molding paste tends to have a matte finish.
    So there you have it! Aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about all this? That’s what I am here for. This is what most will need for their hair “capsule”. Think of all the space and time you will be saving, and how great you will look!
     For personal recommendations, please visit me or any one of our talented stylists at wendyo Salon for your own hair “capsule” prescription! Better yet, make a list and send in the person who has no idea what to get you! You’re welcome.  ~Sue O.

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