Why ColorpHlex is Better Than Olaplex

Saturday 23rd, July 2016 / 14:15
Why ColorpHlex is Better Than Olaplex

ColorpHlex protects and strengthens hair during the color and bleach process (as well as a stand-alone treatment), reducing damage and breakage. Though the process is the same as a conditioning treatment, ColorpHlex is so much more.

Comparing ColorpHlex to Olaplex

-They are both bond building additives that can be added to haircolors and lighteners. They can also be incorporated into texture services or used as stand-alone treatments.

-Both products reduce or prevent the damage that normally occurs in hair coloring and hair lightening.

-ColorpHlex has been tested by an independent testing lab and found to make the hair stronger after bleaching than it was before. At this time there is no such test results for Olaplex.

-The active ingredient in ColorpHlex (ColorStrong Complex) is a combination/complex of a hydrolyzed natural vegetable protein and a silicon complex (Protein improves color uptake and is part of the natural moisture factor in hair and skin. Silicon has long been used as a strengthener for hair and nails, which are both composed of keratin.) The active ingredient in Olaplex is totally synthetic and contains no protein.

-The active ingredients in both products bond to sulfur side chains at damage sites on the keratin protein found in hair.

-ColorStrong Complex will also polymerize creating a super support system in with the protein structure of the hair increasing its strength and toughness.

-ColorpHlex does not require any change in formulation regarding volume of developer or otherwise. Olaplex requires you to increase your volume of developer by 10 volume.

-ColorpHlex does not increase processing time. Olaplex requires adding 10 minutes or more to your processing time.

Ask one of our knowledgeable stylists about adding ColorpHlex to your service today!

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