Peace, Love… and Hair

Thursday 26th, January 2017 / 11:37
Peace, Love… and Hair

A View of the World from Behind the Chair


Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the current state of things and realizing that it’s hard to avoid thinking about it when it seems to be constantly shoved in our faces that “the world is bad” and there’s “hate everywhere”. Unfortunately, any unrest or divisiveness has been happening for as long as I can look back in my adult life (20 years, 10 years or even 5 years). The media seems to have nothing better to do then to continue this tiresome strategy to perpetuate fear and paranoia to either augment ratings or they are merely puppets in some Rothschild/Illuminati conspiracy. Whatever the reason, I’ve been hearing this same song for as long as I can remember and to quote the basic (if I dare say elementary) genius of Sherlock Holmes, “there is nothing new under the sun”.

Fortunately, my career of the past two decades has made me a citizen of the world of cosmetology. In our world, everyone is welcome and encouraged to explore their diverse styles. Working in a salon has given me the privilege of hearing everyone’s story while we work together to achieve their own personal form expression. Even the formulation of colors and customizing of cuts and styles require creativity and open-mindedness. Nothing is more fulfilling than to be in a salon (especially my own) and to feel the positive vibes of relaxed clients in a safe and healthy environment. Whether it’s the low sounds of quiet conversation or uproarious laughter as a result of someone’s humorous anecdote,  this is where I experience the satisfaction of knowing that moments are being shared and lives are touched.

In my many years of being a licensed cosmetologist where I’m regularly meeting new people, researching the latest technology in our field and constantly studying fashion and trends from all over the globe, I have learned… No, I KNOW that the world is not “bad”, it is very good.

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