Should I Send a Picture of Myself in Advance Before Going to a Salon as a New Client?

Thursday 09th, February 2023 / 09:55

A question was recently presented to me in regards to some salons now requiring a current picture of your hair sent in advance of your first appointment. Is it normal/necessary?

My response:

No, it’s rarely necessary.
I’ve been in the industry for 30 years and the only time I’ve asked for a picture in advance is usually when it’s a look they want to achieve with what would be considered a special effect color (e.g. blue, pink etc.) to make sure we have the particular color/colors and enough of it in stock. Being located here in Acton, the color trends lean predominantly more conservative and though my salon has had many years experience with “creative coloring”, it’s not in as high of demand. Thus, we may not have “7 tubes of magenta pigment” currently available.
Along with the requested look, they may voluntarily provide a current pic, but it’s not necessary because I have always conducted a thorough consultation in person beforehand.

Salons should automatically schedule an appropriate amount of time to accommodate a thorough consultation for a first-time client. I don’t think this is an old fashioned procedure… If a stylist is experienced and competent, it is not necessary to have a “heads up” so to speak.

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